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What is a ridge

Ridges- What are they? The ridge is the apex of roof. This is the upper part where the two pitches meet at the top. Ridges are designed to close off the top of the roof and prevent water getting in and the wind lifting the upper rows of tiling. Roofs tend to get ignored if […]


What are roof verges? In the surveying context, a verge is where the roof meets the gable or flank wall (or detached side of a house). It is the weather-proof junction between walls and roof. While surveying with the pole camera we get a good view of these! Sometimes they can be seen well from […]

Pole camera

How did it start Since our first video on you tube in 2013 where we used a large aluminium pole to get up to 12m in height. This was hard wired from a camera with a long USB cable. The technology was in its infancy. We were early adopters. The pole was very unwieldy and […]

Breathable felts

Breathable felts The history of breathable felts. Breathable felts were first thought about in the 1980’s. They started in Germany as a result of changes in their building standards. The first patents were made in 1983. However, such felts were not widespread in re-roofing in the UK until around late 1990’s. They began replacing the […]

Sarking felt or underfelting through time – Part 3

Sarking felt or underfelting through time – Part 3 The next development was in the late 1980s/ early 1990s when builders used a reinforced plastic felt called Monarflex Monofoil. Originally designed for commercial applications, its inherent strength saw it find its way onto residential developments and re-roofing projects. It is in essence a reinforced plastic […]

Sarking Felt (Part 2)

Lapped Sarking felt – Part 2 As building material supplies became more scarce during the housing booms in the 1930’s we saw the growth of the “half-lapped” tile instead of double lapped roof coverings. These tiles appear more stepped. The tiles are not actually half lapped, but only lapped by around 7-10cm or so. Roofs […]

Sarking Felt (Part1)

Sarking felt or underfelting through time Keeping the rain and wind out of your attic depends on the pitch of the roof, type of felt, the types of tiles and how those are laid. When slate was used for roof-coverings in Bristol, these were generally quite thin and they were laid with substantial overlapping. Hence […]


Are you looking at Victorian/Edwardian properties in Easton? We have spent years surveying properties in Easton and the surrounding BS5 postcodes.  Mostly good-sized Victorian or early Edwardian houses, sadly, many suffer from what Martin in the office describes as “the trinity”; roofing, dampness and movement. There was often a lack of maintenance in this type […]