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Lifecycle of Clay Roof tiles

The Building research establishment suggest a clay and concrete tile have a similar lifespan. Manufacturers will normally guarantee the tiles for 30 years with a 60-year life expectancy. As the BRE is the preeminent body with regards to building science and testing. This links to the British Standard as this will also fed into the […]

Life cycle replacement

Life cycle replacement costings How to use the data One of the most common phrases we hear during the survey or as a result of a negotiation is that “it has been fine for the last 40 years so why does it need replacement”? This sort of comment also tends to reflects that little or […]

Life Cycles

Life cycle There are numerous institutes who calculate life cycle data for the various products and elements of the building. The Building Research Establishment is the pre-eminent source for this data. There are further studies funded by other bodies such as the British Plastics federation and insurance companies. Windows are a good example with a […]

When to test

Given the results of our last blog. This casts an interesting phenomenon related to radon which is the effect of when you carry out the test. The laboratory analysis gave a whole house property average and called it “seasonally corrected”. Whilst no doubt there is a complex formula behind this calculation, we wanted to see […]

Electronic Radon Detector

After the previous blog on our experiment, we thought we could follow this up with the use of an electronic radon detector meter. We read various reviews, the one with the highest reviews was the “Airthings Corentium home radon detector”. However, most of the negative reviews related to the fact the machine wasn’t working on […]

Our Radon Experiment

The Experiment. As they was so little information available to surveyors we decided to try and undertake our own experiment. We ordered a three-month test kit from Properteco with two separate detectors from eBay costing around 35 pounds including delivery. Do not just rip open the packaging containing the meters as it will be needed […]

Should I get Radon Tested?

What do you do about Radon. Ask if the property has been tested, is a fairly easy one top start. Given that since 2002 radon has been raised as a compulsory question in standard local authority searches. It may well have been tested already. If it has been tested interpreting the readings may be challenging. […]

Radon Part 2

What difference does the type of property have on Radon Whilst the physical areas where properties are located, due to geology has been discussed in our previous blog. What has not been discussed is the actual property type. It may well also make a huge difference in the build up of Radon. In the previous […]

Radon Part 3

What do you do about Radon and the compulsory question? Since 2002 Radon has been raised as a compulsory question in standard local authority searches. So an easy way to deal with this is to ask if it has been tested. Interpretation of readings If so, interpreting the readings may be challenging. The units are […]

Radon Part 1

If we mention asbestos in our surveys, panic tends to ensue. With 5000 excess deaths a year related to asbestos. Mainly in the male dominated construction industry. If you were to mention Radon, we tend to get a blank look but research suggests it does contribute to over 1000 deaths a year. If you live […]