Roof set to a low pitch

In Building Survey reports we often say “the roof pitch is too low for the tile type” or “the roof pitch is to shallow” this is an example of what we mean and what can happen as a result. It normally occurs on extensions to houses. This video also links to the Domestic Survey Blog page for more technical information.

Roof Repair vs Replacement

This is a brief look at the value judgement behind re-roofing a property compared to repairing the various elements. This follows on from a Building Survey when the roof didn’t look in great condition and we compared the cost of repair to the cost of replacement.

Dry Rot Found During a Survey in St George

This is a brief video of finding dry rot, in the roof space of a house in St George. How not to treat and how to treat. This was a full building Survey in Bristol, showing how important a thorough inspection is. Sorry for the whispering but tenants were in the property!

Thermal imaging during a Building Survey

A video showing some of the uses of Thermal imaging during building surveys in Bristol and looking at dry lining in ST George, A Cornish type 1 house in Brentry and a timber framed house in Portishead.

Thermal imaging of blown window panes

This is a very brief video looking at the thermal performance of “blown double glazed window panes” the first three panes are not blown, whilst the last pane shows as black as the thermal performance is drastically reduced by around 5 degrees C. This demonstrates that blown panes are not just an aesthetic issue.

Sub floor inspection using remote camera vehicle in Bristol

We always endeavour to use technology to help us offer a better service. Historically we have used an endoscope to view beneath sub floors but it was limited so we are experimenting with the “sub floor tank”. There is normally a loose floorboard in a property somewhere. This was on a building survey in a property in Horfield in Bristol.

Completed heel drop test

We are seeing a lot of hits on the website, reading about the heel drop test (sorry miss spelt in the video). We though a short video to explain and show what we do during our Building Surveys would help.

Building Survey in Brislington Bristol and wire wall tie failure

During a Building Survey in a property in South Bristol, we noted some bulging and hairline cracks, we used a metal detector to locate and demonstrate embedded metal in the wall and the associated wall tie failure.

Bedminster Bristol, Building survey finding Springtails

A brief video of a structural building survey in Bedminster in Bristol where we follow the trail to discover something unexpected in a Kitchen cupboard. Spring tails or white fleas normally live in the soil and as such this suggests that there is decay and excessive moisture present in this property.

Asbestos testing as part of a building survey in Bristol

A trade secret to test strongly presumed asbestos pipework. What to look out for during a building survey on a house 1895 in Brislington South Bristol.

Some defects found during building surveys in Bradley Stoke

A few defects found whilst surveying properties in Bradley Stoke! Do not buy a house without a thorough survey by a local surveyor. All the houses featured are under 15 years old.

Building survey Bradley Stoke Bristol

Sometimes the smallest clues can give an indication to problems. During a structural survey we found this interesting little defect.

Damp survey as part of a pre purchase survey

How we inspect damp as part of a pre purchase survey including some things to watch out for…*V1*

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