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RICS Home Surveys

Why the New Home Surveys Approach? There have been significant changes in the property market in recent years. Valuation practices by lenders are changing and often no surveyor will visit the property on behalf of a lender where suitable amounts are put up by the purchaser for security. As a result, the Royal Institute of […]

What about that Loft Space

Loft space In an earlier blog, we’ve already dealt with ‘Loft Rooms’, the conversion (successful or otherwise) of the attic to habitable space. But if this is not a feature of the property you are considering purchasing, you may not be giving much though to the loft space. It seems a minor matter compared to […]

More about Windows

A typical line in a RICS Homebuyers’ report is “Several windows were difficult to open and will require some maintenance and repair, especially to hinges. Some gaskets/seals are detached. Two window units at least have failed and will need replacing. Have a competent contractor quote for all works before exchange.”   The cost of replacing […]

What’s a Desk-top Survey!

So you’ve found that dream property and you are really excited about it! Before you launch into making an offer, there are things it is worth checking yourself. In our first ever blog, we urged you to take advantage of free resources on offer and conduct your own desk-top research. First, look in the British […]

Window Sills

Window sills are not just decorative – nor are they simply supports for window boxes! They contribute an important weather-proofing function to the building. They should be designed to shed rainwater away from the wall. This prevents it penetrating into the wall beneath the window frame. However, to do this, the sills must be well […]


Out of sight, out of mind?!  Basically, lintels are designed to support the structure above window and door openings. They are structurally extremely important. But they are often hidden, concealed by render or within brick-work or stone-work. So here is a brief guide to a few common ones of which to be aware. In olden […]

Why not buy a former council house?

Why not buy a former council house? Often RICS valuers will comment that there is a negative effect of a property being an ex-local authority house. We tend to take a different view. You can get very good value for money because ex-council houses are often solidly built and in convenient locations. The residents on such […]


  Windows We’ve already discussed the glazing in windows, the toughened nature and e-coating present (or not!) on the glass. Now what about the windows themselves?! A RICS homebuyers’ report might typically say “Several windows were difficult to open and will require some maintenance and repair, especially to hinges. Some gaskets/seals are detached. Two windows […]


Our most-read posts are ones where we talk about areas of Bristol that appear under valued or “the next big thing”. So we thought we would look at the history and movement of pricing in and around Bristol over the last seven years. We do a lot of work for first time buyers; these are […]

Surface Water Drainage

Surface Water Drainage Our clients often ask us to inspect the surface/rainwater drainage in the ‘specific requests’section on our survey instruction forms. This is often at the behest of their Legal Adviser. At many properties the rainwater goods discharge into an open gully or grille; we can pour water down this to test the flow.  […]