Reviews and Domestic Surveys


We can tell you about what we do – but only our Clients can tell you how well we do it !

Our surveying practice has been operating round the Bristol area for over ten years so we do have a substantial track record.  We have been appearing in reviews by our clients on various websites since 2011. A building survey is an ‘occasional purchase’ and it is essential to choose someone who is trusted. All our reviews are genuine. We do appreciate that buying a house is a stressful time ! But we gently ask our clients to post a review if they are pleased with our services.

Where can you find us?

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We set up our profile on FreeIndex in 2011. Here we are ranked 1st out of the  802 surveyors listed on it nationwide. We have  130 x 5* reviews and one 4* review.  The FreeIndex algorithm verifies that the reviews come from individual email addresses with separate ISPN numbers.It flags up and rejects any suspicious reviews.


Google was a harder review site to set up as the business needs to be found on GoogleMaps. We are a  ‘virtual business’ to minimise overhead costs for our clients! Hence we did not start asking for Google reviews until two years ago. We’ve already gained 18 x 5* reviews on the Google platform.


For a while,we used Yell and picked up 12 great reviews.  However as we no longer pay to advertise with them, our entry rarely pops up in searches.


Recently we have started asking for Facebook reviews and have seen some clients come direct from there. The reach of social media is growing. So it makes sense for us to share with you who we have worked for and how they rated us!

Three Best Rated

We came across this site called three best rated. Another independent site, they select the top three businesses in a locality, using 50 different indicators. They clearly do their homework as they rated us in their top three Surveyors in Bristol.

Our promise

We refuse to “make up” reviews . We agreed that we are always wary of those “testimonial pages” where the reviews could have been written by the business. You never see a 4* amongst such collections published directly on a website.

Faked reviews have been a hot topic in the media as these give a false impression as to the quality of the service provided. Recently we looked at some of our competitors’ reviews on various sites.  One had amassed 35 reviews in a single week which we felt was unlikely to say the least; the site in question does not verify such posts.Take a look at the timeline of the reviews that have been left on a site and make up your own mind!

And if we work for you and you are not pleased with our services, tell us so we can remedy any issues. And you think we exceeded your expectations, we would be delighted if you were able to find a few moments in your hectic day to leave a review for us,too !