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Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors Windows form a large part of a building and give much of its character! They let in light but they are vulnerable to breakage, accidentally or deliberately. They can usually be opened for fresh air but  can be a security risk. Hence they need to be lockable with a key, to be […]

External Walls

What to look for with external Walls We aren’t trying to turn you into Surveyors! We are just aiming to alert you to watch for obvious problems before you make an offer on a property and begin incurring expense. And one of the first things you see about a house is its walls. External walls […]


Examining gutters and downpipes Background The UK is a wet place as we all know!  The Bristol area averages around 800-900 mm of rainfall a year, which is slightly above the UK average. Even more rain fell in recent years such as 2012 with weather conditions changing. Interestingly, in the past, South Bristol has been […]

Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs Flat roofing has always had a bad reputation; some surveyors say deservedly so. The defects are normally due to poor workmanship or poor quality of the materials used in flat roofing. Even though they are called ‘flat roofs’, they are in fact pitched, normally below 10 degrees, to allow rainwater to drain from […]

Pitched Roofs

Pitched Roofs Roof repairs can be very expensive, not just the materials and manpower, but will possibly require scaffolding as well. So take binoculars or a camera with a powerful zoom to enable you to visually inspect the roof covering.  You can do this at any time, without the agent having to be present. As […]


Chimneys   Chimneys and their pots come in many shapes and sizes. Some are easy to view, others less so. Chimneys can be costly to repair because access is awkward and expensive as scaffolding is usually required.The main problem with chimneys is their propensity to allow dampness into the property. Simple Checks Have a look […]

Location Location Location ……

Location Location Location… Is this the neighbourhood where you really want to live? A Building Survey will analyse the building in detail but other factors in the locality need to be considered. So before you make an offer, carry out your own research on things such as…… Flood Risk. This information is free and readily […]

Our New Website

Welcome to our new website which will be updated with the very latest Domestic Surveys news, videos, industry updates and events, so please check back as often as possible.