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DAMPNESS Damp has been found in properties since we lived in caves! During the feedback sessions after our surveys,  this is one of the most worrying issues for our clients.  They often prick up their ears at the mention of dampness in a property!  A recent survey suggests that 67% of people would consider pulling […]


Gardens Landscaping An attractively landscaped garden is a great feature, but it requires maintenance, time and effort.  Is that decking going rotten? Is it dangerously slippery? Are there broken paving slabs or loose handrails to steps? Is there a pond that may be hazardous to small children? Boundaries First look at the size and shape […]


FLOORS Floors aren’t just places to put soft carpets or smart tiles. They are integral to the structure of the building, providing support for the internal walls. Hence they need to be firm and reasonably level. They are generally either ‘solid’ or of suspended timber. Solid Floors These are made of concrete and can be […]

Internal Walls

INTERNAL WALLS Internal walls divide the living space into rooms.  They also give strength and structure to the property. Imagine putting a heavy weight on the top of a very large box – it would normally collapse. If you sub divide the box into four smaller areas and put a load on the top, it […]


Ceilings Ceilings are made from a variety of materials and each has different associated problems! Did you read our blog on inspecting lofts and venture into the loft space (wearing a PP3 mask)? If so, you might be able to lift the insulation and see the type of ceiling material below. Lath & plaster Lath […]

Lofts and Attics

Lofts and Attics Loft spaces You are unlikely to get access to loft spaces when doing a general viewing. It’s easy to put your foot through the ceiling below when you slip on a joist! And this will be on the vendor’s household insurance or agent’s insurance so you would not be popular. So don’t […]

Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors Windows form a large part of a building and give much of its character! They let in light but they are vulnerable to breakage, accidentally or deliberately. They can usually be opened for fresh air but  can be a security risk. Hence they need to be lockable with a key, to be […]

External Walls

What to look for with external Walls We aren’t trying to turn you into Surveyors! We are just aiming to alert you to watch for obvious problems before you make an offer on a property and begin incurring expense. And one of the first things you see about a house is its walls. External walls […]


Examining gutters and downpipes Background The UK is a wet place as we all know!  The Bristol area averages around 800-900 mm of rainfall a year, which is slightly above the UK average. Even more rain fell in recent years such as 2012 with weather conditions changing. Interestingly, in the past, South Bristol has been […]