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Garage Roof

Corrugated Cement Sheets The word ‘Asbestos’ strikes terror to many clients’ hearts – and the separate garage roof is often a principal culprit. Roofs covered with corrugated cement sheets are very likely to contain white asbestos. The corrugations may be “Big 6” or “Little 3”, which refers to the size of the gap between the […]

Artex Ceilings

  Artex Ceilings When we are carrying out surveys, one of the most common things we note as a ‘potentially asbestos containing material’  is Artex™. The brand name Artex comes from combining the words artistic and textured. This  textured coating  was applied to many a ceiling or wall in both residential and commercial properties the […]

The A Word

The A word What is Asbestos? When you are in the process of buying a house, the A word is one of the scariest you can hear. This is due to the culture of fear that surrounds the subject. There are still a large number of deaths that occur as a result of historic exposure […]

Under The Floor

What is lurking under those floorboards ? Ask a robot – All sorts of nasty surprises may lurk beneath the floor boarding! Wood boring insects, dry rot, wet rot and vermin infestations for example. The spaces underneath the ground floor of properties are  rarely accessible. However, some houses we visit will have loose floorboards which […]

Pitched Roof Structures

  Pitched Roof Structures You’ve clambered up into the roof void, the attic. What’s the function of those wooden planks and what problems are associated too? Unless it’s a flat roof, the upper most board that normally runs across the top is the ‘ridge board’. This is the apex or peak of the hipped roof. […]


So you have diligently used our blog entries to guide you in viewing a property. You can see concrete tiles and the estate agent has said‘ Don’t worry,  it has a new roof!’ Why should you be concerned?!  Half of the ‘new roofs’ we inspect at in the Bristol area should have Building Regulations approvals […]

Pole Camera or Drone?

IS IT A SELFIE STICK? Members of the public and vendors often see us with cameras on tall poles at the front of houses.  It’s strange to see a fully grown man with a giant “Selfie Stick” as lots of people call them!They are intrigued by what we are doing and ask questions. We have […]

“Loft Rooms”

Is that converted attic described as a ‘Loft Room’ in the Agent’s  particulars? Then beware – the trick is in the wording! This is often ‘agent speak’ for conversions that do not benefit from Building Regulations approvals. Hence it is not considered habitable space and as such cannot be lived in. Nor will it be […]


  “IT’S GOT A CONSERVATORY!”   But that may be a mixed blessing… It’s generally expected that a Conservatory will be a glass box attached to the back or side of a house.However, perceptions about conservatories have changed a lot over the years. For instance, a survey in 1991 by RICS (the Royal Institution of […]


SUMMARISING THE CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY Over the past few months we have been unpicking the individual elements of the property for you to consider during your viewing. So have our blog open on your tablet or phone to help you follow the sequence, external elements first,  then internal ones. Print off the tick sheet […]