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Surface Water Drainage

Surface Water Drainage Our clients often ask us to inspect the surface/rainwater drainage in the ‘specific requests’section on our survey instruction forms. This is often at the behest of their Legal Adviser. At many properties the rainwater goods discharge into an open gully or grille; we can pour water down this to test the flow.  […]

Pitch fibre drains

Pitch fibre drains We only undertake full structural building surveys hence we lift inspection chambers to inspect the drains beneath.Unless there is a very good reason not to! Such as cars parked over chambers, rusting or dangerous chambers or where they have been covered by decking or tarmac. This inspection is normally undertaken as the […]


What lurks beneath the inspection chamber cover? Sewers The ancient Romans were expert water engineers – they even had gods and goddesses to help ! The goddess Cloaca could be invoked to deal with blocked sewers.  And the god Crapitus looked after internal plumbing, constipation, flatulence… After the Romans left in the 4th Century AD, […]

Storm Ali

Storm Ali The first named storm of the 2018-9 season Storm Ali hit our shores with winds of over 80mph. It was followed quickly by Bronagh and Callum further north. The wet and windy weather following the long hot summer has once again bought focus onto roofing. During our work for leading insurance companies, we […]

How long does a roof last ??

Case Study – Clay Tiles The background Clay tiles have been used for roofing in Bristol for centuries, up to the 1950s. Most are pre WW11, so are at least 70 years old. The text books tend to suggest a lifespan of around 40-60 yearsfor clay tiles, before they become damaged or porous.  And the […]

Longhorn Beetle

BEWARE the LONGHORN BEETLE… Being based in Bristol, the longhorn beetle or Hylotrupesbajulus isn’t something we automatically look for.  It is rarely found outside Surrey and the surrounding areas, with some localised outbreaks in London.We have worked in these areas in the past for specific repeat clients – again this emphasises the importance of a […]

Rats and Mice

Rats and Mice There’s an urban myth that you are never more than 6ft (2 metres) away from a rat, but where does this come from? According to the BBC News Magazine, it may derive from the former Ministry of Agriculture. They circulated many public health announcements to promote hygiene in homes. An expert has […]

Airbricks through the Ages

Airbricks through the Ages Older properties with suspended timber floors are prone to dampness in the space beneath, in the sub floor void. This may be caused by condensation or by rising damp or by penetrating damp. It is likely to cause rot, decay and timber beetle infestation (woodworm  or worse). Airbricks are essential to […]

The Beast from the East is Snow Joke

The Beast from the East is Snow Joke When we are explaining the findings of our Building Surveys, our clients often ask why sarking felt is so important. It’s only a softish layer fastened under the tiles or slates ! Why is its detailing (finish) so vital to the weather tightness of the building? It […]

Re-building costs

What about Re-building costs? Sometimes people ask whether re-building costs form part of our survey. Some surveying companies will do this for you and will charge a couple of hundred pounds for the privilege. We don’t because it isn’t really necessary; it adds little value and the professional indemnity insurance cover required would increase our […]