What We Can Do For You

We specialise in providing full BUILDING SURVEYS (formerly known as the structural survey). We don’t provide “home buyer reports” because we don’t believe that these go into sufficient detail in identifying potentially expensive problems; for example as standard, our surveyors use boom cameras to view the roof-tops and chimneys.

The surveyor prepares a comprehensive illustrated report and meets with you in person or by Skype, for you to raise any questions and to ensure that you fully understand the implications of his findings in case you need to renegotiate the purchase price.

We also provide PRE AUCTION surveys, to the same investigative standard as our Building Surveys but without the report; this is a cost-effective option so that you are well prepared for the additional work that may be required to refurbish the building, whether residential or commercial. We are also Party Wall experts and can help whether pre construction or as an adjoining owner.

We understand that the property market and home ownership can be a daunting experience at any time. Whether as a prospective homebuyer, purchaser at auction or as a home owner or landlord with Party Wall concerns, we are here to help, whatever your needs.

Just drop us an email with your requirements to clientservice@domesticsurveys.co.uk or give us a call on 07341 135723.

To learn more about what we do and the technology we use, watch our videos on Youtube, highlighted below:

  • Party Wall agreements, notices and awards

  • Condition surveys

  • Thermal imaging

We also think that reviews are really important so we can learn what we did right and how to improve. Just click on the logo below to read further reviews left by our clients.

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